The surgery room

We Offer a Wide Range of Pet Surgical Procedures

  • spay/neuter
  • mass removal
  • biopsy
  • dental extraction
  • intestinal foreign object removal
  • bladder stone removal
  • feline declaws
  • limited orthopedic surgery

Santa Fe Pet Clinic also has access to local and university board certified surgeons to complement the care we offer and to perform more specialized surgeries.

Keeping Your Pet Safe in Surgery

Prior to surgery, patients have a pre-surgical blood profile performed to make sure they are suitable candidates for anesthesia. Also, before, during, and after the surgical procedure, your pet is continuously monitored via ECG ( which monitors heart rate and rhythm), and Pulse Oximeter (which monitors oxygen saturation of the blood). And we manually check our patient’s status regularly looking at such things as capillary refill time on the gums (to check circulation in the tissues) and the rate and quality of their breathing.

Pain Management for Your Pet

Providing pain relief during and after the surgical procedure can greatly impact a patient’s post-op recovery and how well they do after going home. Sufficient pain control can help with a pet’s attitude and activity and even shorten healing time during their recovery period.

Featured Surgical Procedure

Warning: graphic images in the dropdown below. 

Vulva Mass Removal

During Surgery

Two Weeks Post Surgery