Well Stocked In-House Pharmacy

In order to care for your furry family member effectively, Santa Fe Pet Clinic is proud to maintain an in-house pharmacy that is well-stocked with:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • supplements
  • medicated and moisturizing shampoos
  • flea and tick preventatives
  • heartworm preventatives
  • and a variety of treats to aid in pilling your pet

With our ample stock we ensure nearly all medications prescribed by our veterinarians will be ready to go by the end of your visit. The only exception would be special compounded medications that would need to be sent to our local compounding pharmacy and would still be ready within a day or two.

We also carry a large stock of prescription diet foods used for pet weight management, food allergies, and to help maintain treatment for several illnesses such as kidney, heart, intestinal, liver, joint, bladder, and liver diseases.

Prescription Refills

If you need a refill for your pet’s medication, please call or text us at least 72 hours before your pet’s meds will run out. Many meds require a checkup, blood work, or a brief exam. We can do refills if they are still available, so please text us or call us with plenty of time before you run out.

We can do refills if they are still available on the particular med, but most of the time we will need to see your pet in our clinic before we can refill, so please text us or call us with plenty of time before you run out.

Only Use Reliable Online Pharmacies

If you order medications through online pharmacies, please beware.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “illegal online pharmacies may sell medicines that are counterfeit, outdated, mislabeled, incorrectly formulated, or improperly made or stored. These medicines may not contain the actual drug, may contain contaminants, or the incorrect amount of drug, may not work as well due to age or being stored in conditions that were too hot, cold, or humid, and may not have the proper directions for use.” Click here to read about the FDA online pet pharmacy A.W.A.R.E. program.

Have Your Pet’s Prescriptions Delivered Through VetSource

To ensure that our pet owners have a reliable option for an online pharmacy to have their pet’s prescriptions delivered, we have partnered with VetSource. Click below to visit our online pharmacy store!

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