How do I know if my pet is in pain?

Our team is focused and committed to reducing or eliminating the pain that your pet may experience. We know you never want to see your pet in pain and they should not have to endure it needlessly. In nature animals will hide their pain from predators or social competitors in order to survive. Your domesticated pets can be very good at hiding their pain from you, too. This skill offers you a real challenge to recognize when your pets are in discomfort and need veterinary assistance. They still experience pain but they may express it differently than we do. Helping owners to become aware of the subtle signs and changes in pet behavior associated with pain is one way our team can enhance the healing process and help restore quality of life to our patients.

Signs of Pain in Pets

Also check out this helpful handout by AAHA for more information on how to tell if your pet is in pain.

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Treating & Managing Pain in Pets

When your pet is experiencing pain, they are dealing with one of two different kinds of pain: chronic pain or acute pain.

  • Chronic pain is usually the result of degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, and build over time.
  • Acute pain can come on suddenly and is typically associated with an injury or surgery.

The doctors at Santa Fe Pet Clinic will develop an appropriate pain management plan that will cater to the individual needs of each patient entering our clinic. Our goal is to eliminate or greatly minimize pain and to increase the comfort level of your furry companion. To combat these different types of pain, there is a variety of pain medications that are available to give relief of pain and sometimes inflammation. The medications can come in several different types such as pills, trans-dermal gel (absorbed through the skin), and oral liquids. We also offer therapeutic laser treatments, according to the needs of the pet (ask one of our staff to give you information on this effective and non-invasive treatment for pain).