Paula and Ted Steen

Practice Manager, Front Desk Technician

Paula is our Practice Manager and Ted is our Front Desk Tech. They have both been in the corporate world before but decided to follow their hearts to work with animals. They have been part of the SFPC family for many years now. In their spare time, they love watching Anime together and taking extra long walks around Olathe. They don’t have any pets anymore but take care of all the pets here like they were their own. Especially this cute girl, Evie.


Vet Tech

After spending 13 years in retail/retail management, Becca realized her passion was not there but for the animals big small, and everything in-between. In 2018, she began her journey in veterinarian medicine & has loved it ever since. She thinks every kiddo has a unique personality and loves to see it shine through while they are in her care. Becca’s husband Darren and she have been together for 12 years in total, married for 8 years & they have 2 fur kiddos. Tipton (Pom mix) 6yrs old, & Kayde (Pointer mix) 3yrs old. They also have their little girl Peyton 2 & 1/2 yrs old who truly is a blessing from God. Outside the clinic, Becca loves to read, do yoga, and if the weather permits take all her babes on a walk while she listens to a podcast. Becca joined Santa Fe Pet Clinic in December ’22 so if she hasn’t met you or your fur kiddo, stop in and say hello! She’ll be there every day except Thursdays and weekends and she can’t wait to see you and your furry family member.


Veterinary Assistant

Beginning in 2001 as a kennel tech, and now working part-time as one of our receptionists and vet assistant. Cassie has worked anywhere from just Saturdays to full-time through college, other jobs, and now is a mother. Cassie is a big lover of animals and people! She got her degree in Elementary Education but has continued to enjoy working here through all of life’s changes over the past 12 years. “I love the fun pets, friendly clients, great co-workers, and learning new things on a regular basis.” In addition to her love of animals, Cassie also loves to hike and backpack. She, along with her family, goes to the Colorado Rockies every year and has crossed the Grand Canyon 3 times! She is married to her amazing husband Ben and they have five children, Lizzy, Timothy, Abby, Daniel, and Joseph as well as her black lab “Watson” and German Shepard mix “Maggie Rose.


Front Desk Technician

Victoria is our new Front Desk Technician. She has a natural love for animals and a soft heart for rescues. As you see in the picture, she has three of them and recently adopted another little one, Sgt. Pepper. Victoria came to us from the animal field working as a kennel tech/Vet Assistant and many other duties as needed. She is very happy to work here with us and help the clients with their patients every day. She says “I am always just so excited to come to work because I love working here!” Victoria’s passion to spread happiness not only with the patients, but providing the best service to our clientele. Welcome to our “family”, Victoria. She loves spending her off time with her human family, Fiance Evan, and her two children Vince and Ozzie, and her animal family Sgt. Pepper, Puff, Bagel, and Blake Bones.

Grace D.

Kennel Technician/Veterinary Assistant

Grace D. is our newest Kennel Tech/Vet Assistant. She recently graduated from Olathe North High School. Grace is currently enrolled in an online vet tech program and hopes to be completed sometime in 2024, when she will take her certification test and become a Registered Vet Tech here at Santa Fe Pet Clinic. We are very happy to have Grace here with our family. Grace’s reply to a lot of the various happenings in the clinic is “I love that” followed by a huge smile. She is definitely an animal lover and we hope she works here a long time. When she is not at work, she is hanging out with her Dad, Mom, and Sister as well as her cat Jaxon and the four family dogs.

Grace W.

Kennel Technician

Grace W. just graduated from Olathe Northwest. She has a whole summer to get ready for her trip to Kansas State University in the fall. Until then, she will be working here all summer and then heading off to become a Vet! Grace loves animals and works hard to make sure they are healthy and happy during their stay with us at the clinic. Grace says “Every one of them has their own personality and I love getting to know each and every one of them.” We hope Grace will come back every summer and continue working with us and your pets.