All of us at Santa Fe Pet Clinic realize and understand that you may feel a bit anxious to leave your pet to be hospitalized during an illness or surgery. So, when your pet comes to stay with us, we strive to provide them a comfortable, low-stress, quiet environment to rest and recuperate. Our goal is to return them to good health and a sunny disposition as soon as possible.

A Comfortable Space for Recovering Pets

Our hospitalized patients are all centrally located in our treatment area so we can readily attend to all their needs. Here, monitoring is provided throughout the day. This area is equipped to provide:

  • fluids
  • heat
  • supplemental oxygen
  • easy access to medications and diagnostics

Just as importantly, our staff loves to take your buddy for a stroll outside, give belly rubs, a special treat, or a comforting pat on the head and a little sweet talk.

Monitoring of Their Health

You can take comfort in knowing that our qualified veterinary staff and experienced veterinarians are here to make sure your furry family member is receiving the highest quality care and support. Our monitoring includes such tasks as:

  • checking heart and respiratory rate
  • mental status
  • pain level
  • patient’s temperature
  • hydration
  • status of wound care or surgery sites
  • even further lab work while hospitalized

Timely communication with owners is a top priority at Santa Fe Pet Clinic. This helps to you, the owner, stay informed of your pet’s condition. It gives you access to our healthcare team and makes you an interactive part of that team for the ongoing care of your pet.