Compassionate Care for Those Facing End of Life Decisions

At Santa Fe Pet Clinic we desire to care for our patients through every stage in life. As they near the end of their journey in life we will be there to comfort. Being fellow pet owners and pet lovers ourselves, we understand the deep bond between people and their canine and feline family members. We are conscious of how painful it is to think about this difficult decision and to face saying good-bye to a dear friend.

Quality of Life

When all treatment options have been exhausted, it is important to speak with your family and veterinarian about your beloved pet’s quality of life. Our biggest priority is to keep them as comfortable and pain-free as long as possible.

Pet Euthanasia

Unfortunately there may come the time when you will have to answer the hard question of whether or not to have your pet humanly euthanized and ease their suffering. Our staff is prepared to gently guide you through the process with all the compassion and respect that you and your pet deserve.

Pet Cremation and Aftercare

You will need to decide how you prefer your pet’s remains to be handled. If you have a burial spot for your pet, you can elect to bring your pet’s remains home. If you desire to have your pet cremated, we will arrange it with a local pet crematory. The crematory offers a Simple Cremation or an Individual Cremation. If you decide you do not wish your pet’s cremains returned to you, the Simple Cremation is a group cremation where your pet will be taken care of respectfully. With our Individual Cremation, you will receive the cremains back in a lovely, small wooden chest usually within a week’s time. You can also select a specialty urn from Pet Cremation Services if you would like more designs or personalization. All cremations also will receive a beautiful poem with a stamped paw print from your pet.

Together Santa Fe Pet Clinic and Pet Cremation Services are committed to giving every pet the most loving and dignified farewell that they deserve.