Santa Fe Pet Clinic Boarding Policy

Boarding Rules and Regulations

Vaccinations: To ensure protection of all animals under our care and to prevent the spread of infectious disease, boarding patients must have current written proof of required vaccinations by a licensed Veterinarian.

Dogs: Distemper, Rabies & Bordetella Combo       Cats: Rabies and Distemper Combo

** All pets must have current negative fecal or be under treatment **

Proof of vaccination is required at time of boarding, if they are expired, we will not be able to board your pet until those are done at least one week before your appointment

Entrance Requirement/Flea & Tick Preventatives:  All pets must enter clean, free of fleas and intestinal parasites. Pets must be on veterinarian recommended prevention (Vectra, Bravecto, Comfortis, Sentinel, etc.) If a pet enters in a condition needing either flea or tick prevention, we will apply protective measures at the owner’s expense.

ALL Boarding pets will be checked for Fleas and Ticks and will be treated if needed, at the owner’s expense.

Belongings: We ask that you limit your pet’s belongings to three items. Be sure all items are labeled with your pet’s name, so we may ensure it also goes home with you. Santa Fe Pet Clinic is not responsible for your pet’s personal items. Pet beds cannot be laundered. Although every effort will be made to care for these items, all items are left at your own risk.

Please call us at 913-782-2770 for pricing and more detailed information. New clients must have also have a negative fecal test result Before boarding. A partial deposit may also be required.